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About Armani

Armani goods all come with a certificate of authenticity offered by the company. These are attached to the garment through the belt loops or possibly the zip, they are in a plastic case that is colored blue and attached with a piece of blue string and a blue plastic security attachment. The fake versions may also carry these refinements but the plastic will probably be this and insubstantial and the string will be flimsy instead of thick and strong. This certificate has a printed security feature, similar to a watermark, this is composed of the words Giorgio Armani, the trick is that you can not see the words by looking at the certificate, you will need to hold it up to the light, and tilt it a little, then just like a bank note the words will appear as if by magic. Cheap Armani jeans will be missing this security feature, or it will be printed onto the surface of the certificate and visible to the naked eye without holding it up to the light, this is a good indication that these cheap Armani jeans may not be the real thing....

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