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About Gillette

Gillette, owned by the American multinational consumer company P&G, is a personal care product brand. Known for its safety razors, Gillette is a leading personal grooming brand selling a variety of men and women gooming products. Gillette is now a household name and products which were once sold in specific states in the US of A are now sold the world over. Nykaa brings to you Gillette India at your convenience and with attractive prices. Products that are on the consumer radar include Gillette Fusion Hydragel Sensitive Shave Gel which can be followed up by the equally popular Gillette After Shave Splash Power Rush. Selling much more than razors, Gillette India also has a range of deodorants to choose from; seeing the history of the brand these scents are sure to dazzle and treat skin properly as well. Another unique product is the exfoliating Gillette Series Preshave Face Scrub. Gillette is also a rather trustworthy brand for women and has a range of razors for different shaving needs. The Gillette Venus Razor and the Gillette Venus Cartridge 8 Disposable are made for all skin types and structured expertly to remove even the shortest of hair, safely. Brand trust is essential in products such as razors, etc and a brand like Gillette commands just that...

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